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Resilient, prepared communities

In an emergency situation, you are not on your own. You’re with your community.


From making a plan to check in on your neighbours, helping to create a community plan or just spreading the word, you can help your community prepare for the worst.


Community members are each other's front line.

A great example of community response happened after the Tornado in Papatoetoe in June 2021. Neighbours rallied to make short term repairs to protect households and contribute to the clean-up. Multiple local faith groups created local hubs offering hot food, necessities and an ear. Services were also able to connect with local needs through these community networks. 

In this article, one community member commented, "we had the Elim church come through immediately, the Sikh community, members from the Papatoetoe Panthers (Rugby League Club) came through and our own street people, our Freyberg people.  We all rallied for each other.  Our street, we went from 'Oh my goodness' to 'OK, right!  Where do we prioritise? What do you need doing?'  People who weren't affected down the far end were down here helping us."

Our vision is prepared, connected, resilient communities across the North Shore.

Get involved!


Connect with your neighbours

Knowing your neighbours makes it easier to look out for one another. You can also create networks to check in on one another during a disaster.


Prepare your household

Preparing for a disaster begins at home: ensure you have plans in place to get your household through a disaster. Visit to make a plan.


Make a community plan

Community plans identify local risks, community hubs, food banks/distributors, community members with first aid training or trades experience and more. Check to see if your community already has a plan!



Volunteer to join our Community Resilience Network and champion emergency preparedness in your neighbourhood!

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