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Community Workshops

On May 17th, community members from the Takapuna-Devonport local board area attended an emergency preparedness workshop facilitated by Auckland Emergency Management (AEM). In this workshop, AEM created a scenario of severe weather and flooding, and participants planned a personal and community-wide response.

The feedback from the workshop was that participants felt more prepared for a severe weather event and also enjoyed meeting volunteers from other suburbs. Community members initiated a 'show and tell' about the resources and projects they'd each been working on which resulted in lots of new ideas and partnerships!

This workshop was open to the public and there will be another later in the year, so if you’d like to attend, keep an eye on the ANCAD comms or join our Resilient Communities Facebook Group!

ANCAD is collaborating with a number of emergency response agencies including Auckland Emergency Management, Police, Fire and Emergency, St John and Amateur Radio Emergency Communications to get the best collaborative advice and support for communities. With this support, communities now have access to free first aid courses, emergency scenario workshops and VHF radio training.

If you think one of these workshops could benefit your community, get in touch via the website or Facebook group.


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